Find a Room, Studio, Apartment or House in Amsterdam

Find a Room, Studio, Apartment or House in Amsterdam

First option for students would be DUWO University Housing that offers accommodation to (international) students and guests of educational and scientific institutes in: Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem, The Hague, Leiden and Wageningen / Deventer. These rooms are usually furnished, but not always.

DUWO University Housing, how does it work?

Second option is taking a look at the daily offers on KamerNet (this is a paid website however it’s the only that actually worth the effort others will not filter out rented out listings fast enough)

Thirth option would be to look in some local facebook groups what have been posted today. This may include short term sub rental without the possibility of registration at city hall.

Fourth option for non students would be the free rental market which means there are no fixed price caps on monthly rent, however if you rent one house with two or more sub tenants it can be acceptable if you are on a budget or a student.

Searching for rental properties via the site below is free of charge.